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About Us

Hi there & welcome to Sloth Outfitters! We're super grateful you've found our way here to learn about us and our story.

We're Matt & Elliott - two best friends based out of New York and Toronto. We launched Sloth Outfitters in 2019 with the dream of creating the world's most loved & sustainable sloth apparel store. What an amazing ride it's been!

We are two recent graduates who had always wanted to start a business together. Combining Elliott's uncanny talent for design and customer experiences, and my (Matt's) knowledge of finding the best quality products, we believed that we could create an amazing online store and be entrepreneurs - while also making a positive impact. 

Read on to learn what happened - and how sloths are involved!

Humble Beginnings 

It all started about about year ago, after being a part of a few sloth loving communities on Facebook. Being a part of these communities, we realized two things:

1) There were very few unique sloth-themed apparel products being sold by trusted companies online.

2) 99% of the companies who sold sloth products were not even supporting the sloth species directly in any way!

We asked ourselves this question: If we were buying a sloth designed product, what type of company would we rather support - one that pledges to support the sloth species through a legitimate initiative? Or one that is just there to sell a product? 

The answer to us was is obvious. But sadly, there were simply no companies online that successfully combined sloth passion with sustainable sloth fashion. 

Until that very day. We decided to start Sloth Outfitters. 

Mission & Values

From Day 1 we set our company values clear:

1) Giving: To donate a portion of each sale $1 to various charitable organizations who work on sloth rehabilitation and species protection.

2) Unique: To always be creating the most beautiful, unique, and one-of-a-kind sloth products that cannot be found anywhere else online.

3) Community: To focus on building the best community of people who are passionate about sloths (you can join our FB group here).

4) Customers First: To ensure our customers get an amazing experience, and trust that we have their backs (we're all sloth lovers here). We stand by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products and to back that up, we even have a phone number you can call on our website (you don't see stores do that much nowadays)!

5) Global Reach: To inspire sloth passion around the globe, and ensure that some, if not all of our products, can reach customers from all over the world. 

6) Quality Materials: We've spent countless hours vetting and sourcing the best production facility partners. Some of them are based in North America, and others in southeast Asia. It amazing to witness the increase in high quality materials available overseas over the last decade - even the most luxurious brands now produce most of their products at high-tech facilities in Asia (Nike, Louis Vutton, Gucci, and more). 

Looking Ahead

To date, we've been extremely fortune to have some amazing customers who've left 98% 5-star reviews on our various products. You can explore our latest product collections of sloth gifts.

We are incredibly excited for what's to come in 2020. We have plans to expand into new exciting  sloth products that range from sloth jewelry, to sloth t-shirts, to stuffed animal sloths, and so much more.

Our customers and our community are what drives us. We are thrilled to have anyone join our mission to inspire sloth passion, through sustainable sloth fashion.

Cheers to celebrating a slow, cute, and heartwarming sloth species.

From the canopy,

-Matt & Elliott

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