Sloth Shoes

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Looking for a pair of cute sloth shoes? Browse our beautifully designed sloth shoes for women and men, and discover unique sloth converse styles, sloth tennis shoes, sloth boots, and more! Whether your preference is high top or low top sloth sneakers, or a new pair of winter sloth booties - you've got a wide selection of high quality shoes with premium sloth designs, created in-house by the Sloth Outfitters team. Buying for someone else? These shoes would make perfect sloth gifts for a sloth lover!

26 products

26 products


Our sloth shoes and converse may look simple, but are packed with technology. All shoes are constructed with the highest quality materials in mind, including full canvas layered fabric for breathability and EVA outsole for durability.


Whether you love floral or bohemian sloth shoe designs, we offer a large assortment of the best sloth shoe styles, which make the best sloth gifts that allow sloth lovers to show off their passion for sloths to friends and loved ones.


As hosts of one of the largest online sloth communities, we know how important it is to give back to these precious species. That's we contribute a portion of every purchase of a sloth shoe or sloth sneaker purchase to registered charities that help protect and conserve sloths and their habitats.

What are sloth shoes?

Contrarily to what it may sound like, our sloth shoes are meant be worn by wonderful people who are passionate about sloths (they aren't meant for sloths)! With our unique pattern designs, we've created a type of shoe stands out from the crowd, impresses all your friends and family, and showcases a unique passion for a beautiful species.

Showoff with sloth converse style shoes

Among the different types of sloth sneakers in our catalog, one of common favorites is our range sloth converse style shoes. Whether you're looking for a street-style look with a fashionable pair of sloth high-tops, or you're hoping to show the world how you're different with a pair sloth low tops - one this is for certain. You love sloths, and that makes you special.


Sloth sneakers are breaking the internet

If you've ever seen posts on Facebook or Instagram that showcase a pair of sloth sneakers, than you already know how much people go crazy for them. It's no surprise because sloths truly are an incredibly loved species. If you combine a beautiful sloth design with a well-made sloth sneaker, you're going to get amazing reactions from everyone. When you take a picture of your new pair of sloth sneakers and post it to social media, you'll feel like a celebrity with all of the likes and comments you will get.

Why choose Sloth Outfitters for your sloth shoes?

  • Our sloth shoes are truly unique. Our sloth shoes for women are made up of unique sloth designs that are only available online through the Sloth Outfitters store, or special partners.


  • North American designs & international manufacturing team. All of our design concepts are completed in the United States & Canada. For our sloth shoe production, we have carefully vetted a fair-trade shoe manufacturer based out of southeast Asia, who maintains high quality standards and helps us keep our shoes more affordable.


  • Right-fit guarantee & free returns. If your sloth shoes you receive are too large or too small (within one size) we will send you a free replacement at no cost to you. If the shoes are damaged, misprinted, or broken in anyway, you will receive the option for a full-refund or a replacement pair.